Sharing Technology for Healthy Soil, Food and Energy
Soil Testing and Interpretation
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The Cornell Soil Health Test can be used to assess a soil’s current soil health status. Soil health indicators measured on samples submitted to the lab provide standardized, field-specific information on agronomically important constraints in biological and physical, as well as chemical processes. The measured indicators are relevant to agricultural production and are sensitive to management changes. They can thus be used to assess whether a grower’s soil management practices are detrimental or beneficial for soil health, and for monitoring change over time.

For information on which indicators are measured, what important soil processes each represents, and why these are important, see the Cornell Soil Health Training Manual available for download. Greenstart usually has some paper copies of the manual available as well.

For information on available testing packages, pricing, how to sample, and how to submit soils for soil health analysis, see the Cornell Soil Health website or work with your local NH NRCS representative. The NH NRCS may provide cost-sharing for soil health analysis for qualified operations.