About Us
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Founding Member

Dorn AW Cox

In addition to being a founder of GreenStart, Dorn is also a farmer working his 250-acre family farm in Lee, NH.  He has worked to select effective cover crops, grains and oilseeds for food and energy production, and has designed, constructed, documented, and shared systems for small-scale grain and oil seeds processing, biofuel production,  and no-till and low-till equipment to reduce energy use and increase soil health.  

Dorn is a 2016 National Association of Conservation Districts Soil Health Champion and also a founding member of Farm Hack, the FarmOS operating system, the Soil Renaissance,  the New England Farmers' Union, the Great Bay Grain Cooperative, the Oyster River Biofuel Initiative, and he serves as the Vice President of the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts. He has a B.S. from Cornell University and  a PhD from the University of New Hampshire in natural resources and earth systems science.  He regularly speaks regionally and nationally and continues to develop and refine open source agricultural research and development systems to improve farm productivity and resilience.

Board Members

Robert Eckert
Beth Hodge
Kate Donald
Luke Mahoney
John Hutton
Steve Normanton


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to foster a resilient energy and food system for New Hampshire by providing technical education and practical agricultural examples.

Our vision is to foster New Hampshire independence, strengthen our farm community, improve New Hampshire’s rural resources, and protect and improve New Hampshire’s air, soil and human health.